How to manage email alerts
Email alerts are daily reports on user searches. Learn how to manage email alerts generated on your classifieds website.

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Email alerts are daily reports on user searches. Once the search is made, the user can subscribe to receive daily reports with new ads. It is useful not only for the users - they get informed about new listings related to their searches - but also for you, as you make them come back to your website.

Email alerts are a default function - once you install Osclass, you automatically give your users the possibility to subscribe to those alerts. They can do so by using the sidebar on the search page available for all categories created on your website. The alerts are generated on a daily basis.

From 3.1. version, you can manage e-mail alerts from your dashboard. Go to Dashboard → Show more → Users → Alerts, where you will be able to activate, deactivate or delete alerts for different users.

You can edit alerts templates by entering to your Dashboard → Settings → Email templates.