How to install Osclass plugins
Plugins are the best way to customise your website! In this video tutorial we tell you how to add plugins to your Osclass site.

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At Osclass Market you can find a wide variety of plugins for your classifieds website.
In this video tutorial you will learn how to install and manage plugins in your Osclass site. Note that, in this case, we will install the payment plugin. Find the best plugins on our Market:

1. Go to Osclass Market → Plugins.

2. Browse and choose the plugin that best fits your needs. Before installing, you can see all the plugin info on "View more".

3. Once downloaded, you need to install your plugin from "Manage plugins" tab.

4. Once installed, most of them offer you the possibility to adjust their own settings.
In this case, for Payments plugin, you need to set up the "Premium days", that is, the number of days during which users can promote their ads. You can even set up different prices for each category.

- How can I delete a plugin?
If you have installed a wrong plugin in Osclass or have changed your mind and would like to simply uninstall it, here you can learn how to do it. As a general rule, you can uninstall all the plugins from the "Manage plugins" screen.
Choose the plugin you want to uninstall, for example Google Maps, and click on Disable. Once it’s disabled, you should choose Uninstall and then confirm uninstalling once again. And voilá! Your plugin has been uninstalled!

Note that some plugins might require to get some code removed.

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