How to add and manage geo-locations on Osclass
In this video tutorial we will show you how to add and manage geo-location on your Osclass classifieds website. Remember you can install a new geo-location from your admin panel or you can download the sql file, from our existing locations, on and then upload it to Dashboard → Tools → Import.

Youtube video

To add a new country from your admin panel, just go to Dashboard → Locations → Add new country. Our system will suggest you the existing countries as you type. Once added, click on "View more" to select the available country regions where your ads will be posted. Within your country region, you can specify the location by clicking on "View more" and selecting the available cities. If the country, region or city you want to add is not in our database, you can manually add it by clicking "Add new" and contact us indicating the missing location.
You can delete locations one by one or in bulk. Remember that deleting a location is irreversible. Therefore, items associated to this location will be unlinked, although not deleted.
Our piece of advice: set locations prior adding listings. In this way, you will have your classifieds site ready and with all your locations well-organised before starting to get traffic.

You can display the locations on your classifieds website in different ways. In Osclass we give you the possibility to choose between a drop-down list and autocomplete. Although drop-down might be easier for users as they only need to select their location from already defined list, the incomplete geo data might be a problem in this case. If you notice that something is missing, we’d appreciate you contact us indicating missing data. And of course, if you absolutely trust your users, you can always set locations to autocomplete and let them introduce whatever they wish.