How to enable friendly permalinks
In this video tutorial you'll learn how to change the permalinks in your Osclass installation.

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By default, Osclass uses web URLs which have question marks and lots of numbers in them. To improve your website aesthetics, usability, etc. we offer you a possibility to have friendly URLs. You can enable friendly urls by going to your Dashboard → Settings → Permalinks → Enable friendly urls. Please bear in mind that depending on your hosting service, this might not work correctly.

By clicking on “Show rules”, the list with your permalinks will be displayed. By default, it’s in English but you can change it for any language and to any word. However, please bear in mind the obligatory patterns in the following URLs:

- Listing URL: you must include {ITEM_ID}
- Page URL: you should include at least one of the following accepted keywords: {PAGE_ID} or {PAGE_SLUG}
- Category URL: you should include at least one of the accepted keywords: {CATEGORY_ID},{CATEGORY_NAME} or {CATEGORIES}


Let’s say you would like to change the URL of user registration. To do so, you should find “user register” and instead of /user/register enter what you want, for example: "hithere". Once you change it and save the changes, the URL of user registration changes from into

You might also want to add .html in the end of each of the categories, for example: To do so, you should find “Category URL” in the list and in the end of the gap add: .html In this way your new category url would be:

For the Osclass users who know how to edit .htaccess file you can find a comparison of your actual .htaccess file with primary version.